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Columns & Features:

The Sunday Times (Travel), Woman, The Yorkshire Post, YEP & Yorkshire Life.

I write a monthly column for 'Life & Style' 
(A Yorkshire Post supplement).

I have a regular column called 'Mum in the Middle' in Families Leeds Magazine.

I blog for MMB - The Modern Working Mothers Magazine.

My mother-in-law won a tattoo in a football club raffle. She was hoping for the sheepskin rug, but that was ticket number 2624.
I generally say 'yes' to anything then face the consequences later. Repercussions have ranged from rollercoaster highs to regret or the runs.
Yorkshiremen don't belong in health spas. And when I say Yorkshiremen, I mean my husband.

Families Leeds - Feature - Parenting Classes

Occasionally, a bit of non-preachy, face-to-face help on how to keep calm during a supermarket meltdown is what's required to bring us and our children back from the brink.

It's like DIY SOS in our cellar at the moment, apart from the glaring absence of 50+ tradespeople. We're doing it up and it's doing my head in. 

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

I gave my father-in-law fajitas for tea and it didn't end well. Maybe it's karma after bolognesegate.

I returned from my niece's wedding with the promise of two iPhone 6's and a Jack Russell. I blame it on the Yorkshire rhubarb gin because I'm almost certain I wouldn't have agreed to swap the guinea pigs for a puppy if I'd stuck with tomato juice. 

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

There was no need for central heating, judging by my sister's hot flush and steamy bifocals. I thought I'd got away with it, but then he turned his tackle on me.

...I waded back to shore feeling like Ursula Andress in Dr. No, but looking more like a spoof advert for hair removal cream with my bikini bottoms full of seaweed.
It was Bingley Show this weekend and I'm feeling all nostalgic and just a little bit teary. I couldn't go because it was my niece's hen weekend in York, so I was busy knocking back prosecco in a hot tub, learning what 26 year olds do for kicks these days.

The Yorkshire Post - Life & Style - Real Lives

Anna Lickley is deaf and blind and yet she competes in national horseriding events. Becky Bond reports. 

Anna Lickley, from Bingley, West Yorkshire came first - and last in two categories in The Riding for the Disabled Association’s National Championships at the weekend.

Politics is showbusiness for ugly people, so the saying goes. I couldn't possibly comment, but I've certainly had my fill of MP's and manifestos, kitten heels and curtain calls for a while...

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

My mum has mild dementia, but sometimes she's right on the button with a comment. This time, it was when my daughters were showing her how to use a fidget spinner.

Is there anything more undignified than having to provide a urine sample? It's not just the aim that's tricky, or spillage issues, but the walk of shame through the waiting room as you try to hide your hot pot behind your handbag...

Yorkshire Evening Post

Super-sporty teenager Lucy Robinson has been chosen to represent Team GB at the World Powerlifting Championships. Becky Bond meets her.

My daughters are waiting for their guinea pigs to die. Every morning they listen for a squeak or scratch in the sawdust and their hearts sink a little more as they realise Nibbles and Munch have survived another night...

The Yorkshire Post - Life & Style - Real Lives

Georgina Hurst was left partially paralysed in a car crash, but now she has taken up pole dancing for fitness.

"I literally had a dream that I was watching a pole dancer. In the dream, I told my friends that I wanted to have a go and they all just looked at me as if to say 'aw bless her.' Then I got out of my wheelchair and did it."

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

Becky Bond found herself in a bit of a sweaty situation.

It's really not the kind of thing you want to do with cameras rolling. Nobody needs the added pressure of wondering if their lycra-clad camel toe's going to end up bobbing about on a widescreen at a fetishist forum.

What happens when six middle-aged mums are let loose in Leeds on a Tuesday night? They mob Jeremy Corbyn then go to a hip-hop gig, obviously...

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

It's been almost a year and I still can't get dad out of the kitchen.

March 2016 he died, and short of a better idea after the cremation, I funneled him into a shiraz bottle and popped him on my recipe shelf.

It's unusual for us to start a family holiday without someone being sick, but this half term we scored a honking hat-trick...

Life & Style - My View (click for full article)

There's an advert doing the rounds on social media for naked cleaners. It's primarily aimed at the naturist community and they're offering £45 an hour, whatever your age, shape or size.

I'm not averse to people taking their kit off for cash.  I was a life drawing model when my daughters were toddlers, so someone gawping at my nooks and crannies holds no fear for me.

No, the only really scary thing about cleaning-in-the-buff is the actual cleaning...

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

"You look and smell like a tramp."

"You're disappointing and truly infantile."
There's nobody like my mum to bring me crashing down to earth...

Not only am I part of the ‘sandwich’ generation, but I’ve just found out I’m JAM (Just About Managing) too. Thanks to Theresa May, my life sounds like a Famous Five picnic hamper – except in the 2016 adventure (Five Go Budgeting) the ginger beer needs to be alcoholic...

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

Christmas with my in-laws is like spending twenty four hours in the Arndale Mall on a packet of Pro-Plus. Everything feels 3D. You can't even escape for a yuletide log without Creepy Santa bellowing "Ho Ho Ho!" when you reach for the Charmin...

Yorkshire Life - Readers Write

Becky Bond, a Yorkshire Lass brought up in the Aire Valley, now settled in the Wharfe, finds a new friend at the footy.

I'm not known for my love of football.  A bad experience on a first date at Leeds United when I was fifteen left me in no doubt that it was always cold, always noisy and we'd probably lose.

...I did that typical British thing of looking as if I'd spotted something behind him, when in actual fact I'd been caught gawping.

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

I can't believe my mother waved me off to school with that hair. Fortunately, I have little recollection of the horror, but I suspect it would come tumbling out in regression therapy, alongside my brothers feeding me dog treats and making me watch The Omen.

But I guess that's your lot when you're the youngest of four. It's just one harrowing event after another, brushed off with a soothing "What now?".

Sunday Times - Confessions of a Tourist

Becky Bond found herself sandwiched between two hot lovers.

Some might say I was a bit of a slapper.  

In my defence, I was twenty, on the rebound and counting the days before my big move to America for a degree in something useless...

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

As Becky and her mum get used to the 'new normal', she introduces her family to some of the finer things in life...

It's getting embarrassing when mum comes for tea now. Not because she's so old she farts without realising or the dementia's induced her to swear at the neighbours and lick her knife clean (far from it), but because...

Woman Magazine - Generation Y Not

Don't tell me I can't... be a life drawing model.

Standing in a stranger's living room, I carefully took off my robe. Despite being completely naked, I wasn't embarrassed. But don't worry, this isn't as dodgy as it sounds...

To see the latest Woman magazine click here

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

Dad's gone viral.

Well, sort of.  It was his funeral last month.  He died peacefully, without pain, having lived a life full of love and fun.  So it only seemed fitting that his final service ended with a bit of a giggle.

...Following the dumper carrying dad's coffin, we witnessed some classic double takes.  I don't know what was more amusing, the slack-jawed teens or the guy at the bus stop who took his glasses off, cleaned them, then had a better look.

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

Becky Bond had the grim task of finding a nursing home for her parents...

...It soon became obvious that the only way out of hospital for either of them was to go for a bit of respite care somewhere less institutional. A place where the rooms have carpet and you get a glass of red with your lunch and a Cocodamol chaser.  

After much research, we found somewhere that doesn't exactly fall under dad's headline of "reasonably priced", but at least it might encourage him to ditch the zimmer a bit quicker.

Families Leeds - Mum in the Middle

Becky Bond shares some thoughts on the relationship between her parents and her children.

...It's opened up discussions in our home about how we'd like to be treated, should the same fate befall us.  I've told them, that if I begin to lose my memory, just roll with it - embrace the fact that I want to wear my holey jumper and clogs.  I've always thought dignity was highly over-rated anyway.

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